25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (2023)

Let's be honest here: not all of themMusic80's was good. And this is coming from someone who grew up with this as the soundtrack to his life. Yes, some of them were amazing. Some of them... not so much. But as a true 80's kid I loved it all - the good, the bad and the real,Reallyugly. I lovemadonna"Like a Virgin"Cyndi Laupers"Girls just wanna have fun" or "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Dance? Absolutely not. But when I hear those familiar chords, a smile still appears on my face and I find myself singing along.My brainshouts: "No, no, no!"

It's ok if it happens to you too. If you love 80's music that the rest of the world thinks is frivolous and silly, forget it! Your happiness is more important than your approval. Here are 25 songs from the era that should make you stop what you're doing and throw out all the lyrics at the top of your lungs.


"Every Breath You Take" - The Police (1983)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (1)

It's the song everyone slow danced to at prom in the '80s, thinking it wasthe most romantic melody ever written. It wasn't until we grew up that we really understood the lyrics and realized how scary they really are. "Every step you take, every move you make,I will watch you?” Wow!


"Should I stay or go?" - The Shock (1982)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (2)

It's a song that allows us to coexist with two people: the punk snarler who isn't afraid to stand up to authority and the insecure teenager who is genuinely indecisive about a relationship. "Should I stay or should I go?"Safe,Joe StrummerI probably haven't written about whether to keepflirtwith a girl in algebra class, but many of us did it that way.


"Ghostbusters" - Ray Parker, Jr. (1984)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (3)

Go to anyone who came of age in the 80's and ask them a simple question: "Who are you calling?' There's only one way they can answer. "Ghostbuster!" And then follows the rest of the song you can remember. you've never seen so muchsmilingon a person's face as if they started singing about extraterrestrial extradition in New York in the 1980s.


"Hello" - Lionel Richie (1984)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (4)

Lionel Richienever been more corny than with this onemet in 1984- and that's part of what makes it so fun. You have to sing with the utmost emotional seriousness, which involves clenching your fist and looking meaningfully into the middle. No one feels embarrassed or uncomfortable when caught singing this song because it isdesignedbe embarrassed and embarrassed.


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"Once in a Lifetime" - Talking Heads (1981)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (5)

It's the only song ever recorded that makes anyone who sings it instinctively act like they're wearing an oversized white suit. If letters like "the way it always was, the way it always was" doesn't make you shrug your shoulders like you're some weird skinny guy wrapped in a rag, so you didn't watch MTV as much as your peers did in the '80s.


"Hit It" - Michael Jackson (1983)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (6)

It's the song that made every kid in America try to master the moonwalk. "Get lost"it was justOinfectious, causing even the shyest of us to jump out of our seats and sing along as if we were trying to negotiate a friendly dance competition between rival gangs.


"Take Me On" - A-Ha (1984)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (7)

You can argue all you want that the only reason this song holds up is thatextremely inventive videowith rotoscoping (or pencil drawing animation). But honestly, it's a lot of fun to sing and requires at least one attempt to hit that ridiculously high falsetto note at the end. Few of us make it there without our voice cracking like a mad cat, but that never stops us from trying. That high note is every '80s kid's white whale.


"Total Eclipse of the Heart" - Bonnie Tyler (1983)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (8)

Abreakup songso full of melodramatic self-pity it almost feels like singing can mend a broken heart. Of course, we all figured it out at some point.really about vampires. But Dracula is the last thing on your mind when you yell, "Turn around, biiiiiiiight eyyyyyyyeeees!" We can almost feel that first teenage rejection all over again, and oh man, does it hurt so badintestine.


"Kiss on My List" - Hall & Oates (1980)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (9)

The quintessential catchy music from the duo responsible for some of the most inevitable catchy tunes of the '80s",kiss on my list" is one of those songs that you only have to hear a few times before it becomes a permanent part of your subconscious. Just the first few notes are enough to sing it all the way through. And then you'll wonder how you do it every time this song comes to mind. out your head, what else is on this guy's list? I mean, if a kiss is one of the "loveliest things in life", then what comes second? A pair of cozy sweatpants? A warm bagel ?How far does this list go?


"Walk This Way" - RunDMC (ft. Aerosmith) (1986)

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25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (10)

Was aCrossover-Hitto the guys from Queens, New York who inspired the whole world with hip-hop. White, black, it doesn't matter - everyone knew the lyrics and wasn't afraid to rap along. Unless you took the next step and invested in necklaces and bucket hats, Walk This Way was harmless fun.


"Pour Some Sugar On Me" - Def Leppard (1987)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (11)

"Pour Some Sugar on Me" is itbest song about sexthat no parent or authority figure gets too mad because it sounds like a song about itBritishenjoy afternoon tea. We still don't quite understand why this should be sexy. Who gets the spilled sugar and why do they like it so much? Wait, it doesn't matter, we don't want to know.


"Bubble in the Sun" - mulheres violentas (1983)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (12)

It's just six acoustic strings and drums and the vocals are nasal at best, but there's something to it.it's evergreenThat sounds likerebeltoday as it was in the 1980s. It has a hormonal energy that makes you growl and dance and knock over furniture and make a spectacle of yourself.


"Don't Stop Believing" - Journey (1981)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (13)

Long before he had a second lifeThe Sopranosand a third ofHappiness, kids of the 80's reminded each other of "keep this rateEeling.” Part of what makes this song so fun is the clapping. Seriously, that's a big part ("Don't stop..."applaud,applaud… "to believe"). It's like suddenly you're a cheerleader when you're just a worker stuck in rush hour listening to the old-time station and singing this song that reminds you of summers of your youth full of sweet, sweet freedom.


"It's the end of the world as we know it (and it feels good)" - R.E.M. (1987)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (14)

Nobody really remembersnothe texts forThis classic from 1987of America's greatest rockers. Maybe you remember parts of it. ("Fear not, gentleman, renegade and stay away" and nothing until "Birthday party, cheesecake, jelly beans, boom.") And of course everyone remembers where you yelled"Leonhard Bernstein!" Forreal kids of the 80'sChallenging yourself to see how many It's the End of the World lyrics you remember is like a mental exercise for aging brains.


"Faith" - George Michael (1987)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (15)

If you meet someone who claims to despise"To believe”, go the other way - because both arelyingfor you, or they may be fundamentally evil. even hearHeugabel, the internet's highest critique of indie music, gave theTo believeAlbumuse 8.7, a rare high score for music also loved by suburban teens. There's no shame in swaying your hips to the beatGeorge Michaelremembers that not everyone "has a body like yours".

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"Push It" - Salt-N-Pepa (1988)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (16)

You can be 18 or 58 and it still brings so much joy to sing all the outrageous lyricsthis late 80's masterpiece. Yes, that's right, I said "masterpiece" because it is. It's about four minutes of saying "p-push really good" over synth beats. But nothing makes a fellow dancer frown faster, and that's all it takes to prove that you've successfully rebelled against those in power, or at least every responsible adult within earshot.


"Sweet Child of Mine" - Guns N' Roses (1988)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (17)

This song was common ground between pop-rock lovers and metal purists. This might not seem very remarkable, but it was an incredible achievement at the time. Metal,realMetal, never came close to satisfying the people they lovedvibrant melodies. And pop audiences, well, let's just say they haven't ventured into metal territory beyond Twisted Sister. But with "My sweet child"Guns N' Roses created a world where both factions could peacefully co-exist. You could be the tough, snarky metalhead who also loved a big chorus of headbanging and punching along.


"Just a Friend" - Biz Markie (1989)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (18)

There has never been a better example of the life lesson "Not everything you love will be good" than this one.Biz Markielied"Just a friend." No, it's not a good song. Arguably, it's a horrible song. Some might even call it scary. But when played on the radio or MTV at the right moment in life, it's like a tattoo on your soul. It doesn't have aged well. You recognize its flaws, you might even be the first to laugh about it - and you still love it. Even after all these years you can still sing along to every song lyric ("Yoooou... you've got, what I need... but you say he's just a friend...")


"Mickey" - Toni Basil (1982)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (19)

This songit's like a chemical equation for perfect pop music. There's clapping (see: "Don't Stop Believin'" for details), repeat ("Oh Micky, you're so good, you're so good, you amaze me, hey Micky! Hey Micky!"), repeated until vomiting) and a catchy melody so simple that literally anyone could figure out the chords of a synthesized piano in just five minutes.


"I Want to Dance with Someone" - Whitney Houston (1987)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (20)

Has any other song ever written in human history left everyone at a wedding on their feet? The answer is no. Don't even look. Nothing else comes close"I want to dance with someone (who loves me)."


"Eye of the Tiger" - Sobrevivente (1982)

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25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (21)

It's hard to understand, but in fact there are people who exercise regularly who tune in to "tiger trough' playing on a loop in her brain to get her through the last few sentences.You can imagine?How someonestay motivatedTrying even harder and sweating harder and snarling, their muscles aching and begging for mercy when they don't hear Survivor's lead singer yelling at them, "Meet our rival's challenge"?


"Africa" ​​- Toto (1982)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (22)

Don't ask an '80s kid if he likes Weezer's cover of Africa. I'll save you the trouble - no we don't. WhyCuomos Riversunnecessary version. It would be likerebuilding stonehenge, or the Great Sphinx of Giza. If you already have one of these wonders of the world, why do you have to do it again? They will never replicate the magic, the awe-inspiring beauty, the breathtaking audacity of these marvels of human achievement. Just listen to the original"Africa”, and feel grateful for its abundance of musical riches.


"Love Shack" - Die B-52 (1989)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (23)

You may be exhausted from a40 hours a week, barely slept and without caffeine, ready to crawl home and fall asleep, but by the time the opening chords to "Liebesnest"Clap your ears, you're on your feet singing along like a crazy dancing machine. This song has so much power. We're all just mannequins in your hands. We follow the rhythm we're given, we try to fight it, but you're just getting deceiving. If you're too tired, you can always sing alongFred Schneiderspoken part. "Hurry up and get your jukebox money!" It will still take you to the happy place.


"You shook me all night" - AC/DC (1980)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (24)

Ohart rockender musicabout sex was so vague that you could listen to it with your grandmother and not feel uncomfortable. Of course, some lyrics pushed the boundaries of what was appropriate, like "Working double time/on the seduction line". But other than the word "seduction," nothing in it makes sense, and it's certainly not the kind of pun that would make an adult scold someone. So you sing it knowing it's all very dirty, not knowing why it's dirty, and it feels like a victory.


"We Didn't Start the Fire" - Billy Joel (1989)

25 songs every '80s kid knows by heart (25)

you didn't have to beBilly joelbe an addicted fanthis monster punchsince the twilight of the 80s. It was the kind of music you listened to on tape and then rewound it over and over again as you tried to understand each lyric. Was aHistorylesson we intended to attend just so we could read verses like "Lebanon,Charles de Gaulle, California baseball / Starkweather, murder, sons of thalidomide!" Never before has a pop song made us so savvy because we kind of remember some of the lyrics.30 Things All '80s Kids Remember.

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What are old songs everyone knows? ›

Beware– once you hear them, you probably won't be able to forget them.
  • Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody. ...
  • Beyoncé – Single Ladies. ...
  • Journey – Don't Stop Believin' ...
  • Panic! ...
  • Bon Jovi – Livin' on a Prayer. ...
  • Britney Spears – Baby One More Time. ...
  • Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive. ...
  • The Killers – Mr.
May 10, 2021

What are songs that everyone knows but not the name? ›

20 Songs You've Heard But Don't Know The Names Of
  • “Entry of the Gladiators” – Julius Fucik. ...
  • William Tell Overture – Gioacchino Rossini. ...
  • “In the Hall of the Mountain King” – Edvard Grieg. ...
  • “Funeral March” – Frederic Francois Chopin. ...
  • “Green Onions” – Booker T. ...
  • “The Blue Danube” – Johann Strauss.

What was the top 40 in 1980? ›

Here are the Top 10 Songs on the 1980 Year-end Top 100 Songs according to Billboard:
  • Call Me—Blondie.
  • Another Brick in the Wall, Part II—Pink Floyd.
  • Magic—Olivia Newton John.
  • Rock With You—Michael Jackson.
  • Do That To Me One More Time—Captain & Tennille.
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love—Queen.
  • Coming Up—Paul McCartney.
Jul 28, 2020

What was the #1 hit song in 1980? ›

The two longest running number-one singles of 1980 are "Call Me" by Blondie and "Lady" by Kenny Rogers with each single obtaining six weeks on top of the chart. Every song that went to number one for 1980 stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 over twenty weeks.

What is the 1 song of all time? ›

Blinding Lights

What is the top played song of all time? ›

It was never a hit single and got almost no play on Top 40 radio. There's even a dispute over the exact title. Yet “It's a Small World,” also known as “It's a Small, Small World” and “It's a Small World (After All),” is very likely the most played song in music history — nearly 50 million times.

What is the most famous old song? ›

The Top 50 most iconic songs of all time
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana.
  • Imagine - John Lennon.
  • One - U2.
  • Billie Jean - Michael Jackson.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen.
  • Hey Jude - The Beatles.
  • Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan.
  • I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Rolling Stones.

What kids did for fun in the 80s? ›

That's when '80s kids turned on the hose or the sprinkler.
If your kids are hanging around in a smaller group, they might enjoy some of these ideas:
  • Go for bike rides with your friends.
  • Swim at the beach.
  • Go to the public pool.
  • Befriend kids with pools in their backyard.
  • Play frisbee.
Jul 22, 2021

What did 80s kids do when bored? ›

How We Kept Busy During our 80s Summers
  • Save for a cassette tape and play the same song over and over. ...
  • Rip pages out of magazine to adorn our walls. ...
  • Sunbathe. ...
  • Make a mixtape. ...
  • Walk or ride bikes. ...
  • Watch Soap Operas. ...
  • Play board games. ...
  • Go roller skating.
Jul 23, 2019

What was popular in the 80? ›

Even though we can't name them all, here is a list of the top ten 80s fashions trends.
  • BIG HAIR. Perms, perms, and more perms – you could have sailed the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria in some people's flows. ...
  • SPANDEX. ...
  • LEG WARMERS. ...
  • NEON COLORS. ...

What is the number 1 one hit wonder of all time? ›

Los Del Rio Macarena

What old songs were made popular again? ›

King's “Stand by Me” (Stand by Me), Louis Armstrong's “What a Wonderful World” (Good Morning, Vietnam), The Contours' “Do You Love Me” (Dirty Dancing), The Righteous Brothers' “Unchained Melody” (Ghost) and Queen's “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Wayne's World) — all hit the top 40 thanks to a new movie placement.

What are the most unknown songs? ›

25 Great Songs You've Never Heard
  • Peggy Lee – A Brown Bird Singing. ...
  • The Saints – Swing For The Crime. ...
  • Stan Ridgway – A Mission In Life. ...
  • Vince Staples – Señorita. ...
  • Sons of Kemet – The Book of Disquiet. ...
  • Rotary Connection – Didn't Want To Have To Do It. ...
  • Catalyst – Perception. ...
  • Manchester Orchestra – The Mansion.

What was the #1 song in 1981? ›

Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1981
1"Bette Davis Eyes"Kim Carnes
2"Endless Love"Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
3"Lady"Kenny Rogers
4"(Just Like) Starting Over"John Lennon
96 more rows

What songs were big in 1980? ›

Top 100 Hits of 1980/Top 100 Songs of 1980
  • Call Me - Blondie.
  • Another Brick In the Wall - Pink Floyd.
  • Magic - Olivia Newton-John.
  • Rock With You - Michael Jackson.
  • Do That to Me One More Time - The Captain and Tennille.
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen.
  • Coming Up - Paul McCartney.
  • Funkytown - Lipps, Inc.

What was the #1 rock song of 1980? ›

Criteria: Songs listed are from Rock 'n' Roll and related sub-genres.
100 Greatest Songs From 1980.
1Call MeBlondie
2CelebrationKool & The Gang
3Another One Bites the DustQueen
4You Shook Me All Night LongAC/DC
132 more rows
Jan 16, 2014

Who has the most top 40 hits in the 80s? ›

Top 80's Performers

Madonna has a combined total of 18 singles in the top 100 songs from 1980 to 1989. She was named “Top Billboard Hot 100 artist of the 1980s” by Billboard Magazine and is also “The Greatest Billboard Hot 100 solo artist of all time”.

What was the 1 song in 1985? ›

Careless Whisper

What was the #1 song in 1982? ›


What are the top 3 songs of all time? ›

Top 10 Best Songs of All Time
  • 1 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen. ...
  • 2 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin. ...
  • 3 Imagine - John Lennon. ...
  • 4 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana. ...
  • 5 One - Metallica. ...
  • 6 Hotel California - Eagles. ...
  • 7 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd. ...
  • 8 Hey Jude - The Beatles.

What is the biggest first song? ›

  1. Michael Jackson. "You Are Not Alone" ...
  2. Mariah Carey. "Fantasy" ...
  3. Whitney Houston. "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)" ...
  4. Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men. "One Sweet Day" ...
  5. Puff Daddy & Faith Evans Featuring 112. "I'll Be Missing You" ...
  6. Mariah Carey. “Honey” ...
  7. Elton John. "Candle In The Wind 1997/Something About The Way You Look Tonight" ...
  8. Celine Dion.
Jan 24, 2023

What is the number one song in the US? ›

The number one song on iTunes right now is Flowers by Miley Cyrus. Related Charts: Apple Music Top Streaming Songs, iTunes Top 200 Songs, Top New Songs February 2023, Top 100 Albums, and Top 40 Music Videos.

What are the 5 most recorded songs of all time? ›

Here's 5 of the most covered songs in history
  • “Yesterday” by The Beatles. ...
  • “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. ...
  • “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones: ...
  • “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. ...
  • “Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg, sung by Judy Garland.
Mar 24, 2022

What is the best 50 song ever? ›

The Top 50 most iconic songs of all time
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana (1991)
  • Imagine - John Lennon (1971)
  • One - U2 (1992)
  • Billie Jean - Michael Jackson (1982)
  • Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (1975)
  • Hey Jude - The Beatles (1968)
  • Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan (1967)
  • I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Rolling Stones (1965)
Nov 23, 2022

What are the top 10 most listened to songs of all time? ›

The Billboard Hot 100: All-time top songs
  • #1: "The Twist" by Chubby Checker.
  • #2: "Smooth" by Santana (featuring Rob Thomas) (1999)
  • #3: "Mack the Knife" by Bobby Darin (1959)
  • #4: "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson (featuring Bruno Mars) (2015)
  • #5: "How Do I Live" by Leann Rimes (1997)
Aug 5, 2018

What are old classic songs? ›

Classic Oldies
  • Here Comes The Sun - Remastered 2009The Beatles.
  • Can't Help Falling in LoveElvis Presley.
  • FeverPeggy Lee.
  • Stand by MeBen E. King.
  • Brown Eyed GirlVan Morrison.
  • Son of a Preacher ManDusty Springfield.
  • California Dreamin' - Single VersionThe Mamas & The Papas.
  • (Sittin' On) the Dock of the BayOtis Redding.

Who has the most top 40 hits of all time? ›

Artists with Most Top 100 US Hits
  • Elvis Presley. 1st Appearance: “Hard Headed Woman” (Peak: No. ...
  • James Brown. 1st Appearance: “Try Me” (Peak: No. ...
  • Aretha Franklin. 1st Appearance: “Won't Be Long” (Peak: No. ...
  • Ray Charles. 1st Appearance: “Rockhouse (Part 2)” (Peak: No. ...
  • The Beatles. ...
  • Elton John. ...
  • Stevie Wonder. ...
  • The Rolling Stones.

What was popular for kids in 1984? ›

1984 My Little Pony, Popoids, A-Team Van, Cabbage Patch Kids, Barbie, Wacky Wheels and more toys from the 1980s.

What is the 80's remembered for? ›

The 1980s, often remembered for its materialism and consumerism, also saw the rise of the "yuppie," an explosion of blockbuster movies and the emergence of cable networks like MTV, which introduced the music video and launched the careers of many iconic artists, and the emergence of the AIDS crisis, which would go on ...

What did the kids play with in 1985? ›

In 1985 kids could be found playing their favorite video games at the local Arcade or their home Atari system. The introduction of video gaming in the 80s with PacMan, Donkey Kong, Pong, Space Invaders, and Asteroids, led to an American obsession with the latest games now for the Nintendo Wii, XBox, and Play Station.

What was cool in the 80s? ›

The '80s were filled with, um, interesting fashion choices. There was an acid wash jeans movement, parachute pants, puffy windbreaker suits (that weren't just for skiing), giant scrunchies, fingerless lace gloves and neon headbands (OK, neon everything). And spandex and shoulder pads, anyone?

What did kids do for fun in the late 1800s? ›

Guessing games, word games, and board games were also played in the parlor. Some table games required a steady hand or quick wit to win. In other games, victory depended on the luck of the draw. Dominoes - Playing dominoes was a favorite pastime the late 1800s.

What were popular foods in the 80s? ›

Inspired by a thread in our Talk community, here's a list of ten iconic '80s foods and some corresponding commercials.
  • Tab Cola.
  • Artificially Flavored Fruit Snacks. ...
  • Equal. ...
  • Orange Julius. ...
  • Tri-Color Pasta Salad. ...
  • Cool Ranch Doritos. ...
  • The California Raisins. ...
  • Jawbreakers. ...

What was popular in 1982? ›

Pac-Man! It was a pretty awesome year for movies, music and television in 1982. Cheers, E.T., Thriller, Blade Runner, Tron, Tootsie, "Little Red Corvette," Knight Rider, Toto's "Africa," Captain Kirk yelling "KHAAAAN!" The sayings "I pity the fool" and "Just say no" both entered the vernacular.

What was popular in the 80's and 90's? ›

20 Songs From The '80s and '90s We Still Need In Our Lives Today
  • 1. “ Freedom! ' ...
  • 2. “ Time After Time” by Cindy Lauper. ...
  • 3. “ Against All Odds” by Phil Collins. ...
  • 4. “ Wannabe” by Spice Girls. ...
  • 5. “ Alive” by Pearl Jam. ...
  • 6. “ Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band. ...
  • 7. “ Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison. ...
  • 8. “
Feb 15, 2019

What is the 80s era called? ›

This decade (group of ten years) is sometimes called the "Greed decade" in English speaking countries. Unlike the 1960s and 1970s, this is when the word yuppie was used to describe "young urban professionals" – young adults who lived in cities and started to get good jobs.

Who has been number 1 in the charts for the longest? ›

Most weeks at number one by single
1Frankie Laine18 weeks
2Bryan Adams16 weeks
=3Wet Wet Wet15 weeks
=3Drake (featuring Wizkid and Kyla)
10 more rows

What was No 1 song in 1969? ›

Sugar, Sugar

What are the top 50 one-hit wonders? ›

The 50 Best One-Hit Wonders of All Time
  • "Tequila" — The Champs (1958) Tequila by The Champs album art. ...
  • "Hey! Baby" — Bruce Channel (1961) ...
  • "Wipe Out" — The Surfaris (1963) ...
  • "But It's Alright" — J.J. Jackson (1966) ...
  • "Spirit in the Sky" — Norman Greenbaum (1970) ...
  • "Hooked on a Feeling" — Blue Swede (1974)
Sep 20, 2020

What song was #1 in 1966? ›

The Lovin' Spoonful scored a #1 hit with "Summer in the City" in 1966.

What was the number one song in 1989? ›

The two longest running number-one singles of 1989 are "Miss You Much" by Janet Jackson and "Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Collins, which each charted at number one for four weeks. "Another Day in Paradise" attained two weeks at number one in 1989 and two more weeks in 1990, achieving four weeks at the top.

What is the least liked song ever? ›

"Friday" has been widely described as the worst song ever recorded, attracting derision for its weak lyrical content and its vocals that were excessively processed by Auto-Tune. Produced by Patrice Wilson, the song became an Internet sensation, making it the subject of multiple parodies and ridicule.

What is the most underrated song of all time? ›

The most underrated tracks by your favourite artists
  • The Charlatans - Then. ...
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Other Side. ...
  • Oasis - The Hindu Times. ...
  • Arctic Monkeys - Riot Van. ...
  • Foo Fighters - Hey Johnny Park! ...
  • Blur - Sing. ...
  • Nirvana - Sliver. ...
  • The Killers - On Top.
Apr 3, 2022

What is the mysterious song 80s? ›

"The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet" (also known as "Like the Wind", "Blind the Wind", "Check It In, Check It Out" or "Take It In, Take It Out" after lines in fan-interpreted lyrics; acronymed as TMMSOTI or TMS) is the nickname given to a song recording, most likely composed in the 1980s, whose origin, author, ...

What were the biggest hits of the 1980s? ›

  1. Do They Know It's Christmas? Artist: Band Aid.
  2. Relax. Artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood. ...
  3. Last Christmas/Everything She Wants. Artist: Wham! ...
  4. I Just Called To Say I Love You. Artist: Stevie Wonder. ...
  5. Eye of the Tiger. Artist: Survivor. ...
  6. Don't You Want Me. Artist: The Human League. ...
  7. Two Tribes. ...
  8. Careless Whisper. ...
Nov 10, 2022

Who has the most top 10 hits in the 80s? ›

Michael Jackson had the highest number of top hits at the Billboard Hot 100 chart during the 1980s (9 songs).

What was the biggest selling hit of the 80s? ›

Best Selling Singles of the 80s
1PoliceDon't Stand So Close To Me
2Barbra StreisandWoman In Love
3Kelly MarieFeels Like I'm In Love
4AbbaSuper Trouper
6 more rows

What was the number one song of the decade in the 1980s? ›

The mega-hit tops the chart ahead of two other singles from the same year of 1981. Olivia Newton-John's 1981 mega-hit 'Physical' has been named Billboard's No. 1 hit of the '80s.

What was the biggest hit in 1985? ›

The biggest songs of 1985 revealed, including Jennifer Rush, Madonna and A-ha. 1985 saw the release of several now-iconic songs, but the biggest of them all that year was power ballad The Power Of Love by Jennifer Rush.

What was the biggest hit of 1983? ›

Official Top 40 best-selling songs of 1983
36 more rows
Mar 19, 2021

What is the longest a song has stayed at number 1? ›

"Old Town Road" holds the record for the longest stretch at No. 1 with 19 weeks.

What was the 1 song in 1981? ›

Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1981
1"Bette Davis Eyes"Kim Carnes
2"Endless Love"Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
3"Lady"Kenny Rogers
4"(Just Like) Starting Over"John Lennon
96 more rows

What was the #1 R&B song in 1980? ›

"Rock With You" and "Upside Down" by Diana Ross were the only two soul chart-toppers of 1980 to also reach number one on the all-genre Hot 100 chart.

What was the biggest selling single of 1985? ›

In the first of his two shows, which was broadcast earlier today (Saturday, November 10), Tony revealed the biggest selling single of each year from 1952 when the Official Singles Chart was born, up to 1985.
33 more rows
Nov 10, 2012

What was the number one song in 1982? ›


What was the number one song in 1987? ›

Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1987
1"Walk Like An Egyptian"The Bangles
3"Shake You Down"Gregory Abbott
4"I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)"Whitney Houston
96 more rows

What was #1 song in 1986? ›

Aside from becoming the unofficial anthem for the fight against AIDS, “That's What Friends Are For” also became the No. 1 song of 1986. The song won Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and for Song of the Year at the 1987 Grammys.

Who had the most #1 hits in the 80s? ›

Michael Jackson had the highest number of top hits at the Billboard Hot 100 chart during the 1980s (9 songs) in addition, Jackson remained the longest at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart during the 1980s (27 weeks).


1. Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People (Official Music Video)
2. Alice Cooper - Poison
(Official Alice Cooper)
3. Jewel - You Were Meant For Me
4. Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Official Video)
5. Alanis Morissette - Ironic (Official 4K Music Video)
(Alanis Morissette)
6. Duran Duran - Ordinary World (Official Music Video)
(Duran Duran)
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