Betrayal by Dan McDonald (2023)

BBetraying a friend's feelings, whether intentional or not, can destroy the friendship and leave you both feeling empty. I hurt someone dear to me and the pain was too much for them. Your friendship is like a shooting star glimmering briefly in the sky, a moment I will cherish forever. Perhaps in time the garden in which our friendship grew will blossom again. Do I respect her wishes and never speak to her again or try to make things right? I do not know. Until I find out, this poem is my emotional release.

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this happens to me she started first. I felt betrayed and our friendship kept flying away. She used to be my best friend. now. I don't know what she is to me.


IMPRESSIVE! This poem is how my friend and I fight. I don't want to do that to my boyfriend anymore. cool PS This is actually my favorite poem. It's so touching.


I looked at this poem because I was looking for a poem that would express how I'm feeling right now and when I found it I had a case of Mondays, or what it's really called, I started crying.


This poem is really great. this is how i felt when my best friend and i were fighting.


It's a wonderful poem! It makes our friendship, broken due to some setbacks, a fresh start. And finally, it makes it even stronger




This inspired me so much that me and my boyfriend need to take a moment to reflect on this and our friendship.


I loved this poem. That really touches my heart. I know how it is. I just lost a friend of mine to something like this. Thank you and keep writing.


This is a wonderful poem! I just lost my best friend because she thought I was too "not cool" *mumbles words*. So yes! BIG POEM MAN!


this poem touched me very much. I can really realize this poem for me and my best friend.


it was beautiful and made me feel with the narrator of the poem.


I liked this poem because it contained the exact words I was looking for. I think I just lost the best friendship of my entire life. dats y it touched me. Your feelings unite mine too!


That was wonderful. I personally have pretty much the same problem. My boyfriend and I had a great opportunity a while ago. Well I was really pissed. but I don't know anymore. but good. I don't think I will go back because it's good. a space that was kind of created because she has a man who she doesn't admit is the reason our relationship changed. However. It was lovely. said a lot. I was looking for poems about betrayal. boo honestly. I am spoiled for presenting myself in a very hateful way. So yes. You show a lot of love in your friendship. I had many problems. ah. So. Well, my advice would be if you want to talk. wait a little bit for space and time are things that turn the coldest love into painful hatred. So yes. etc. eZZzz.


This poem reminds me of my friendship and how my boyfriend cheated on me. I would never betray my boyfriend, but what my boyfriend did to me was painful. The worst thing is that I still have to face her at school every day. Every time I see her the painful memories come back and all the happy memories that make what she did even more painful and I just can't take it. I want to say something, but I don't know if I should. I don't know what she will tell me. I don't know what will happen. It scares me. I can't bear it, and yet I have to do it. Every day I see her is another time I suffer. Every time I see her I wonder why she does something like that. However, I'm afraid to ask her because what she might say might pierce my heart again.


It was a great poem and it touched me because I lied to my BEST friend and I know she's pretending I'm not even there. I miss her so much and I know I hurt her but I don't understand why she doesn't give me one more chance I don't know what to do to call her or leave her alone, so this poem basically shares my life, or at least a BIG part of it! THANK YOU* ps beautiful poetry why did you write it?


Your poem means everything to me. See I did this horrible thing to my dearest friends, the few girls I trusted, they meant the world to me! I can't believe I did something like this! they hated me for weeks. and now they just ignore me. When I see her laugh, I wish I was there. but now I know I will give each of them a copy of your poem. and you will know how sorry i am. 🇧🇷 BIG POEM!


only one word. GREAT!


I particularly like the poem because I can identify with the author. I am currently going through the same feelings of shame and pain for hurting a friend that I love so much. It's so real to me - the poem.


I really loved your poem, it reminded me of all the poems I've written about a friend I've lost; that I left It helps me get out of the melancholy when I see someone writing about something. kind of consistent with what i'm going through.


This poem is very real because it sums up everything that has happened to me in the last few days. I like this


I love this poem! My 2 best friends around the world did this to me and this poem really says it like it is! They made me hang out with people who hated me so they told me what they said and said some really bad things about me and that was cheating!


I really liked this poem and the thing is I just played it. I lost my only best friend for nothing last night and now I don't know what to do with myself or the issue and what I'm trying to say is that this poem made me It helped, some of the same feelings to express when you wrote it and I am grateful to Ashley


This poem is beautifully sad and I understand how true it is.


I would never send this to any of my friends because they seem to be the only ones cheating on me around me. That's what friends are for?!?!


I think I'm upvoting because I once had the same problem, writing this poem made me feel. well, a very strange feeling. Every word reminds me of my past. about me and my old friend and how we used to be. so happy. like friends. and it also reminds me of how we broke up. because of my stupidity for not calling her number. and I watched our friendship fade away


That's a great poem.


This poem was very good from A to 10, I would give it an E


I think this poem is very good for friends who have been cheating on each other for a long time.


I just lost my best friend and I didn't want it to end but it did and your poem really touched me.


Well said. I wish I could express myself so well


I can't believe the feelings I've trapped inside can be put into words so beautifully. Thank you for freeing me.


I just lost my best friend because I fell in love with her.


10 is my rating for your poem, I feel betrayed because of my best friend. I thought I was lucky because I knew she was right next door. but she lied to me I trusted her very much. So now this pain would kill me. I don't know what I'm going to do.


it was a very beautiful poem. I think many people can identify with your poem. Well done.


I love this poem! It reminds me of the things I've been through! or I'll pass!


that was a very well written poem. You said what I wanted to say, thank you


this poem touched me a lot, you expressed all my feelings in four lines! My partner and I are not speaking at the moment and it has really helped put things in perspective. Thanks very much!

(Video) Dealing With Betrayal | Act Like Brothers, Part 5


I love this poem! I feel like it really touched me. Well done!


I'm kind of going through the same pains and reading this poem helps ease the pain. Please keep writing these wonderful poems. Thanks


Your poem was very good and I really liked it!


This poem is awesome. My boyfriend and I really need some time to heal. Her poem encouraged me that there could still be life. Thanks very much!


This song really touched me because I lost a really good friend and all my friends are leaving me for their friends and it depresses me to the max. They were always my friends and they just left me so your poem is really great and it's like talking about the life of anyone who was hurt by a friend.


Dear Dan, you are a very talented poet and touched my soul like few others in this life. There are no coincidences, but there are magical gifts from God and there are angels and you are certainly one of them. If you are reading this note, you will know that Mary is at work, and you will know that a friend is ready to hear her kind voice. I'm in Gatineau now. God bless you, my forever precious friend! Mireille XXXX


wow ! i love this poem


good work! this is a great poem! Yes, as you said in your poem, betrayal is the worst thing that can be done to you in a friendship!


Unbelievable. It's amazing. It seems to fit the story of one of my former friends and I perfectly. After cheating on me and losing my friendship, she actually stole this poem and claimed she wrote it. It actually took her months of stalking me to give me this poem, but I only recently found out that she had plagiarized the poem. But it was too good to have been written by her anyway. I loved the style, I loved the content, I loved the lyrics. You are an amazing poet.


I think that was also very moving. I remember hurting someone very close to my heart and regretting it. It was such a moving poem.


This pain has happened to me before, so I know how it feels. I want to tell this boy how I feel and he pushes me away and old wishes come up but I just want to vent and he won't listen! It hurts anyway. This poem makes so much heinie, and it makes me want to keep reality at bay. Stay up the good work!


MEAN! Talk about what I'm going through! sigh.


I like this poem!. Me and my best friend were just arguing about a stupid mistake I made and I don't think she will forgive me even though I've tried so hard and I don't want to lose her because me and her two too many have memories and it was a waste of time and I'm sorry for what I did to her! I hope you and I can be best friends again. and to everyone out there, please think of your best friend before you do anything! guys or whatever not worth losing your best friend!


I really liked this poem, it moved me a lot


I was having an argument with a friend and these poems say exactly what I wanted to say to her without being so direct that she hurts her feelings.


i love this poem, you also have a website where dan has an autobiography


it is honest and full of real feelings


I just loved this poem because it's really touching and moving.


Well, this poem touched me because that's how I feel about my ex-boyfriend. I feel really bad that I hurt him and now he has nothing to do with me.


hit home. thank you for putting my feeling into words


It was good. The writing style was good too. I can relate.


Has happened to me in the past, everyone has been through it.


I loved the poem although it makes me sad because I lost my best friend and it was mostly my fault but I absolutely love the poem!


I think this poem is written entirely from the heart, this poem is so much more than just words. I admire the author for expressing his feelings so well. WELL DONE!


I really loved this poem. Last night I made a stupid decision that hurt one of my best friends. This poem touched me deeply and made me think a lot


Wow, that explains my boyfriend and my situation. Unbelievable.


This poem touched me in a way that no one will ever know. My life is this poem now and I wish I could turn back time but I know I can't. Tears came to my eyes at the first word. This is the poem I needed to read and thank you for taking it from your soul for everyone in the world to read one day. This poem really inspired me. It gave me the comfort of knowing that there are other people out there like me who have been through what I've been through. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; and I thank God that I decided to search the internet for poetry because I would never have found this one. Many Thanks.


i love this poem really touched me. That's so true. I also like how everything rhymes. I love rhyming poems. it just all fits together. THIS POEM ROCKS!


Once you are friends with someone and you have a good friendship you meet someone who doesn't like your other friend but that other boy or girl is cool and you wanted to be friend there and they said you can't be my friend there unless you drop that other person because i don't like them, so if that happens then you have to tell them to go somewhere because you will always be there, a friend who hurts someone because one of yours other friends not liking them is not a good idea because it might backfire on you that you left your best friend for the other one and then a few days later the other person says you are an idiot I don't want any more be with you so what are you going to do with you lost the imitation of your friend and the friend who should also mean the most to you so this poem is a good poem if you are trying to teach someone a lesson about it about how to hurt others


That's so true


This is a great poem and it has a lot of meaning. I think you could be a great writer if you choose to do it professionally


This core is very true and I think if you think like this then you should do what your heart tells you. good work at pome means a lot!


This was one of those poems that help you feel the truth. something happened to me. except that the other person hurt me. It took me six years to get through with her! but now we are at peace and she respects me. So if you have problems with friends, don't let it affect your life. because even if you don't like it now, it hurts a lot!


I once had a boyfriend when I was in 6th grade. But once she spoke behind my back, so from that day on we didn't speak or say hello. Once she said hello to me, but I didn't greet her back. And now I didn't know how long it would be before we became friends again.


I think this poem is incredibly true, which is something a lot of teenagers especially feel. We teenagers value friendship and when we lose it. it's like losing a piece of everything you know. BIG POEM!


This is a great poem, I wish I could be as creative as the creator of this poem. This poem hits so close to so many people and on so many levels that it's almost frightening.


That was amazing and so true - I vote for you!

the dials


(Video) Dina EXPOSES Dolores' Betrayal & It Has to Do with Her Ex, Tommy Manzo's Arrest

support financially

This poem touches me personally because it is exactly how I feel right now. My best friend how we share everything and it ends in betrayal. And I'm waiting for our friendship to start again. It's absolutely amazing how you put it all in one poem. Thank you Dan for sharing this with us.


I loved this poem. It went to the deepest place in my heart. I recently lost my best friend and this poem says exactly how things are now. I won't lie, this poem brought tears to my eyes. I have a lot of respect for the author for writing this poem. It's an incredible poem. I wish the author all the best.


I hope my friend doesn't go to this site. because I think our friendship is breaking up. She doesn't call me, she hangs out with people who hate me. I just think the time has come when she's just fed up with me. Well I love your poem, I'll give it a 10.


I'm in tears right now. Your poem touched me deeply. I just had a terrible argument with my best friend. he hurt me like the person you describe in your poem. I know he feels this way and he's sorry, but the pain is real. Your poem was really beautiful, I hope you reconcile with this person. It's terrible to see the future without him. Thank you for the beautiful words that touched me so deeply.


UNBELIEVABLE! I identify with your poem so much it's unbelievable, except for my best friend it's the other way around. I know you don't know me but I think you should make up with your girlfriend no matter what she says because there's a one in a million chance that you'll find a good best friend again. Think about it.


This poem touched me a lot because we just lost a classmate in my class and we're only in 8th grade. And this poem really touched me.


This poem is very heartfelt. One of the reasons I like it is that it reminds me of my writing style. It's been a while since I've focused on my writing. I miss that, this poem reminds me of that. Friendship is so important to us. Baring the soul is a deeply intimate love given to someone. A leap of faith, a cast of dreams to come. Imagined memories of sharing desires, fears, love, joy and spirituality in its purest form. This beautiful poem captures the pain of a friendship gone wrong. Mistakes made and the reality of the truth of knowing that you have betrayed even a dear friend's trust. A penetrating expression of your deep feelings for your lost friend.

look look

I know exactly how you feel I hurt a very dear friend and I don't think I can make it right. I broke his heart and now I broke mine by doing this. He can never understand how I feel because it's too complicated. Your poem is very moving and showed me what kind of person I am. thank you for bringing this to my attention.


good job writing the poem!. really makes me think! good job again


I really loved this poem and want to dedicate it to my supposed best friend who hurt me so much!


I found this poem very moving and very sincere, I have experienced broken friendships myself and I hope yours can be repaired. very nice to read


This poem really hit me. I know what it's like to lose a friendship that means so much to you. but luckily i recovered but now i wonder if i was right at the beginning. Anyway, I loved this poem. really shows the real emotion.


Every word seemed to come from my heart.






this poem is Wow. made me cry said everything i really needed to say but i just didn't know how to say it. Knowing that I wasn't the only person who had ever cheated on someone and got hurt by myself was just what I needed. really felt better. Thank you for writing and publishing this poem.


I think it's a really great poem that should be published


I have a neighbor who helped me get into a house and after 2 months she came here wanting to have a sexual relationship. at first it was fine with me but soon i fell totally in love with her. She said she doesn't want a "relationship" because she just went through a really bad marriage. but now, just a few months later, she doesn't come here anymore and has found a boyfriend and it hurts so much to see her with him. these poems say what i can't say and i want to thank you for that.


This poem expressed my feelings amazingly. I sent it to my dear friend. I hope this poem touches your heart and that we are together again. I'm torn too - I must respect his wishes and stay away or try to save our friendship. I would give the poet 5* for this poem. Many Thanks.


This poem really moved me because I just lost one of my best friends. His poem was well written and I can identify with him so much. thank you for being a wonderful writer.


This poem is exactly how I feel and how life is now, it betrayed me and I want to fix it, it's an amazing poem GOOD JOB


This poem is very instructive for any young man in love. because young people are victims of Bitrayal.


This is an incredible poem. I'm having some troubles with my so-called "best friend" and this poem sums up exactly how we're feeling right now. And now I know I'm not the only one feeling this way!


I love the poem you wrote. This is happening in my life right now.


I loved your poem, it was very powerful and very well elaborated :(


I loved this poem it really touched my heart because yesterday I lied to myself and then I left one of my close friends and this poem really shows how much you can care for someone even if they hate you.


her rite. the same things happen to me oso


I was looking for a card and this is exactly what I had in mind. I love that. I had to show emotion and TRUTH! Thanks very much! jerry


damn good poem. I can understand that too, keep it up


The poem was great. I would love to read more of your poems.


I love this poem, every saying happens to me now


I feel for this poem - there is a lot of truth in it. I vote in favour, although - on the "other side" - I am like her, not him.


I loved this poem!


I thought it was amazing, I loved it so much! I was overwhelmed by how you put my feelings about the loss of my best friend in such beautiful words!


I found your poem at a time when my lifelong friendship was in tatters. I betrayed every rust she ever had in me and never wanted to see or speak to me again. I found her poem and gave it to her in a very long letter that I wrote to her. and today we are going to eat at our favorite restaurant. I just want to say thank you, your poem saved my friendship.


I think this poem is really inspirational and I feel like I would give it an "A" there. Well done!


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I loved your poem I think mainly because I identify with it. I also cheated on one of the best friends I have ever had and I wish so badly every day that I could turn back time. There is no other person who understands and knows me as my former best friend and if I had one wish in my entire life it would be to go back and do things differently. What hurts even more is that I have no one to freely talk to about my struggles and what I'm going through and I wish I had a chance to make things better.


I like this poem very much! Lately I've been fighting a lot with my best friend for about 5 or 6 years. I really don't know what to do. I feel like I hurt her and this poem made me think about it more. Thanks Dan I hope you keep writing poems like this.


Very right. I know exactly how the author feels.


Hey I know I voted for you like 100 times but I love your poem


Your poem brings me joy and I feel like dreaming that you make me feel good as I loved your poem that's why I voted for you


I think this is a really good poem that describes how some people feel when you break up with someone. Or you try to be friends. Or even when you're trying to tell the person you like them and they don't like you.


This is an inspirational poem. It says everything I need to say to anyone. Hopefully when he sees your words he'll finally let him see what I've been seeing for a while. Anthony, when you see this, you'll know that I love you and that I care about you. We're drifting and you know it. I couldn't bear to lose you. Even if we're just friends, you mean the world to me.


It's a touching poem and I like it.


That was great!


I don't know where to start. See, I had a friend call me one day and said, "Don't call me again" because it hurts me here. That explains everything. I sent her this poem, I hope it gives you an idea of ​​how I feel. Thanks for expressing what I couldn't. Thanks, you don't know what that means.


I like your poem. His words touched me.


I really enjoyed your work! I can really relate to that! good work! Congratulations!


That was the most touching thing I've ever read. Your writing is beautiful. holds

give us

Amazing Poem I felt this way when I lost my Cloes't Fried that I once had.


I loved your poem very much. I had the same thing with me and didn't know what to do either. You are a great writer and keep it up


I have read this poem and I have to say it says every word, every feeling I have at losing the love of my life to someone else.


This poem brings my friendly ship closer again, thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot to me


I really liked this poem, it described something that goes on between me and someone who is very close to my heart and who I miss. I just wish I could make things better and give her a call


I love your poem, I've lost a great friend and I don't know if she'll talk to me again.


This was a beautifully written poem and I really enjoyed it. Keep writing poetry!


It's a beautiful poem, I like it.


I believe this poem relates to me and my best friend. she's changing and I feel like I've lost a part of me.


it is wonderful


Wow Dan, it's such a beautiful poem, I cried! It also sounds like my college friend's work. It really made a difference for me, thank you.


Anything I could say about the last two verses would be an understatement, so I'll leave it at that.


I just wanted to let you know that this poem is awesome! It reminds me of my old friend from high school, her name is Kelly, she was my best friend for a long time and I was wrong and hurt her inside. I will never forgive myself for making her feel like I do. And when she reads these poems, I want her to know that I love her very much and would give anything to have her back in my life.


How true. I have never read anything so fantastic. you have to be respected.


This poem has such great meaning. And i love it. It's a great poem. Well done


This poem is AMAZING. I was on the other side and it made a difference in how I see that person now. Thanks very much!


your best


It's a really beautiful poem, although I haven't lost any friends that I can still identify with. I have this weird connection to things that are sad and dark, not to mention scary things. That's why I relate to situations like this.


I love your poem! I can relate to this poem. you wrote that really wonderfully.


That's a great poem. It really makes you think about everything in your life and how much your friends mean to you.


I understand why I was so impressed by this poem. this is exactly how i feel about what happened between me and my boyfriend.


This is just a great poem.


Great Poem- Hit the point


I loved it.


this poem was really good. It reminded me of something I did with my best friend. Dan, you really have talent.

(Video) THE TRUTH - Lie Detector Test on Maddie to Confess New Secret


I love this poem! This fits right in with what's going on between me and my best friend right now. Although I wasn't the one who betrayed her. We were BEST BEST friends, inseparable until one day. It's two weeks from tomorrow. We had a fight, a fight that will change our friendship forever. We won't be best friends anymore, but maybe friends. Thank you for writing this poem because I love you.


It's very realistic and healing.


i love the poem


I usually don't like poems that use other objects to describe things, like shooting stars, weather, etc. I had a boyfriend. Let's just say no. thanks X


i like this poem very much. it made me think of a friend I had lost. She used to be my best friend and now we don't even talk. She hurt me so much, but I never understood why she was so self-absorbed. I can't stand the way she treats me. This poem made me think if I should confront her because I also betrayed her because she hurt me. and I didn't care.


Just pulled several threads. The pain of betrayal and the betrayed never goes away. Pranams to the great hand that wrote it.


really touched me thank you 4 for making me realize what i did to my own boyfriend was wrong.


I think this poem is a great poem and it relates to me and my best friend as he is a guy


This poem arrived very close to home. I'm not really a poet or anything but a friend recommended this site to me and this poem caught my eye and that's what's happening in my life right now. thanks i love this site!


Yes, I loved the poem, I can really relate to it and I know a few other people who can too. This is a great poem and I think you should send it to your friend if you can relate to him. It's a great way to express how you're feeling. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷


I really liked your poem, I sent it to a friend who cheated on me, I love her very much and I hope she forgives me.


Wow, this poem is so beautiful :)


I like the poem very much. I've felt this before for a friend. I know my heart is really bad but I never knew what to do.


I love it. it is very delicate and touches the heart. good work!


really hit home


I think the author of this poem deserves to win. I can totally understand what he's feeling right now. I'm going through the same thing with my cousin Dana, we had a fight and she hasn't spoken to me in two years. Much luck


Wow if anyone has ever had a good friend that they know hurt really deep (I did). You know this poem is a great way to express that


Your poem is great, I love it. I had a girlfriend and about 1 year ago we broke up and it reminded me of my best friend, I miss her so much and she told me she can't be friends with me because her mom said but I have Feeling like I made her turn her back on you Me, well why I hope everything turns out for you pouty how you want it YOUR POEM IS VERY GOOD


i love this poem


This poem is very powerful, it reminds me when my best friend who meant the world to me turned around and stabbed me in the back!


Hello, I love this poem but I was the one betrayed by not one but 8 people if only they thought like you.


This poem is really touching. It really makes sense for that. I RECOMMEND THIS POEM TO EVERYONE!!!

she me

This poem is very good and I can tell the truth. It is true that it only takes a few seconds to open a deep wound in the people we love, but it takes many years to heal.


This is a very beautiful poem, it expresses exactly my feelings, thanks author


Thank you for this poem. It really spoke to me when I lost my best friend who I love so much.


This poem is really good. I just lost a friendship with my best friend's dad because I lied to him. This is perfect for me. Many Thanks


I find this poem very successful. There is a feeling that you regret what you have done and not sure if you should try again. I think you explained very well what betrayal feels like.


This poem had an odd way of hitting the mark. The author somehow knew how I felt. Poetry has a way of helping healing and opening your eyes to a light you've never seen before. This poem has helped me manage my emotions better and I think anyone who is hurting inside for a friend should read this poem. It's beautifully written, and while it's painful, it helps put a band-aid on your wound.


I really like this poem because it talks about me and my heartbreak that I wrote in one of mine.

D. Foxx

Remarkably impressive!


Good choice of words, but in the end you shouldn't have stretched out your poem so much.

New Jersey

I loved this poem. The author is very talented. Thank you for this gift of heartfelt words




I just loved it with all that elegant guilt


I used this poem to give to a friend because that's how I felt. Many Thanks. Your poem is absolutely gorgeous!


It's good


Great poem, send me more!


It reminds me of a friendship I had until I started this school. I want her to listen and try to work things out. I just hope if I go back to Colorado and try to talk to her that she will listen and try to heal the wounds. Thank you for this poem it reminds me how much I miss having you as a friend and I hope to be able to fix that.

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