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¡Dive! Letters - Jeleel!
I am diving (I am diving) absorb (hoo, absorb), I took the flow (hooo, flow) frozen (hooo, frozen), it simply frozen (hooo, frozen) yes, I am cold, take the dough, throw -like a float (yes) killing them (woah), drilling them (yes) do you feel 'sum'?

Pierce the Véil - Dive in Lyrics
Dip, breathe the smoke through the hole in my chest that still drowns in bed, found its waste while the red redhead continues to fall and burning holes in the pillow and the mattress shines now I want to be the tattoo ink that nothing in theneedle in your needle skin and I would like to be poisonous

Trey Songz - Dive in Lyrics
I am about to immerse myself in a girl, breathe, secure, about to swim so much in your body, make you immerse you in you. You know that you are not running through this pool, just for you, baby, you see me, I am blown., Right block, girl, there is no way to run through this Ooh pool, I'm about to immerse myself in a girl, assure your breathing ...

Lil Baby - Diving in the letter
It jumps from the upper rope, I am trying to dive in a quarter of millions of dollars in my skin, this F&N, as if I had signs of license stop and red lights, I do not stop jumping from the upper rope, I am diving in a roomMillion dollars on my skin, this F&N, when I received license stop signs and red lights, I do not stop

Nirvana - Diving Letters
Dive for me!Kiss it, kiss this, yes, leave a low time sign at will, at will, yes, you could be my hero, choose me, choose me, yes, everyone is waiting to hit me, beat me, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yesYes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I'm very good to hate it!Diving!Diving!Diving!Dive in me!Diving!Diving!Diving!Dive in me!Immerse yourself in me!Summer!

Trey Songz - Dive in Lyrics
Yes, dive, sim-eh.splah, girl, this is your water falls.So I fall so crazy.So, girl, I love the way your body speaks.Girl, you caught me.Taking deeper than you will ever know.Reading, the way you flow.

Ed Sheeran's lyrics "Dive", maybe it was too strong, maybe I waited a lotI could live, I could die hanging in the words you say that I am known for giving everything about me and jumping more than 10,000 stones in the lake

Blake McGrath - Water diving letters
I want to immerse myself in the water I am ready (now I'm ready) to find it there, cover it with your power, I'm ready (I'm ready) Lord, listen to my prayer, I'm awake for you it's time for my story to change, so I'm goingTo immerse myself in the water, I am here, sir, I am willing, I am willing, I am willing to oh, I say yes, I say that yes to that feeling

Doja Cat - Letters of Rules
All whores are beautiful.Wait, I intend to say jealous.All bitches are jealous.To the shit (shit) when I will shake this butt, I will make this shit in slow motion (movement) you have a little money, and brother, you ...

(Shekpe) And you know that everything I do is no one more worried, ah and hey, hey, you'll be online and see the darkness around me, but I know I'm the light ahh ah ah, he shakes his vibration, thin girlOMO TOH SHAN TAVATION BEAUTIFUL BAD GIRL IN THE SHAKE IT SHAKE IT BABY IT OH TONLE TONIGHT

Tenille Arts - Letters with jealousy of me
"With the jealousy of myself," he's a little younger calling, the baby, he drives me crazy because he used to be me.This mother, she talks about you, says she will see her soon, she can do all the things that I thought I would always do it, ooh-ah, ooh

CityLight - en el valle (Bless You) Lyrics
He will give me his strength.And if I stay in the valley today.I sing to the Lord, he will give me his strength.On the way you have walked.For you, I will hold it.You rescue all losses.For my Lord, you gave yourself.

He gets a little messy in heaven, I heard that Jesus made cocaine on an open, extended night, but now he is fine and if his father finds out, then he would probably hit his lights, he is a bit messy in the messy heaven of heaven is aLittle messy in heaven is a bit messy in heaven is a bit messy in heaven

Jeff Satur - Fade Letters
I try to hug me as if I don't finish, so tonight I can dream of you all the songs I hear the blues I see rain, but maybe

I want to take your hand and show what love is when you are smiling and when you laugh, we must continue to dance to value feelings like the old love (it is the old love), this is how we both want to feel under Luanós they made our first kiss, becauseThis is the time you made me feel

Eli Young Band -"Drunknight last night", I was a little drunk last night, there is something in the rainy night looking at the ceiling fan, I couldn't get it out of my brain, I don't think I was thinking about it well, I didn't know how to say ...

Walt Mills - I have a letter of feeling
Well, I had the feeling that everything will be fine, yes, I had the feeling that everything will be fine, Oh, I have the feeling that everything will be fine, it will be fine, well, well, God sent Moses to lead all the peopleHe left, but Pharoah's heart was hardened, he thought he would give them the way he would chase them to the Red Sea coast, he thought he would not have to ...

Jason Aldean - Natal Em Dixie Lyrics
Azlyrics J Jason Aldean

Haley Smalls - Lyrics Divine Energy
Lyrics "Divine Energy" Lyrics Haley Smalls "Divine Energy" deeply inside the waters, I can see something swimming in my soul, the tide is strengthening, I am recovering my freedom, the divine interior female wants to share the soul of mine crying EesThe Female Divine inside, wanting to divide everything I drove inside

Jeleel!- Without retiring!
Oh you are ...

Lauren Duski - Las Letras del Puente
Baby, we are standing on the edge, we cannot walk through this river and we cannot swim through it because this is the bridge we said we would cross when we reach it, I am terrified by the other side, I will hate it, but you, but you, butI can't ask that a heart hit two different places and dear if I'm honest, I don't know if I would have stopped me

White White - Treasure Sustuve Letters
It was an eternity, not in my heart, because I know that there were more than you wanted to share to row in the morning of the morning to find slow days, I remember a summer independently, without worrying.below or get lost because something broke the memorized spell that is the same for me now

Joseline Hernández - Vegas (I Wanna Ride) Lyrics
Let's go to money, baby.Let's go to money, baby.Well, Vegas, baby, I want me to pay me.Give me the money, give me diamonds, give me rubies, baby.I want to go shopping .Put your knees and make me satisfied to let you affect me.I want to walk, baby.I want to walk, baby (run)

When all your hair was messy, and when you weren't dressed.When I applied some pressure.When I accelerated, you stayed.We lost all the time.No, I'm not right, girl, I'm tired.At all times I am lost.I think of you Shawty and faded.Every time I expected.

Van Morrison - Lyrics de Trem de Ramo
Of course, I get tired (okay) a hand full of duplete.A mouth full of thanks.I will leave in the morning.Baby on that train, simplifies the train.

EZRA COLLECTIVE - Love in Submit Space Letters
Little Simz - "Two separate worlds", Lady, Lady, Lady, Lady, Lady know that you see trust, believe me, I am undulating, I need something deeper, the money does not encourage me if you have mansions or diamonds your ap...

Brantley Gilbert - Letra de Little Piece of Heaven
She has my little piece of sky, as if she needed a bar, she can't go to church, she can't go down any of our dirt roads because they are covered in it

Joe Moses - In his feelings letters
You can no longer smile, you have to act on the way I met you, you will be trippin if I leave you, that's why my other special whores shout on the phone, bitch, wait until I have you, I can't myself.Look Comvocê, so I moved to your way, we simply fuck in the room, you were never where I got

Ezra Collective - Chapter 7 Letters
Kicking this rap again.Fure that I am African.And you are some of you too.But they prefer to take the ears and sing Xanadu.I think challenging the world can damage it.And really tears the flesh like a cannibal.Clean list, proceed to dream awake.Limit the clean list, proceed to dream awake.

Keep the morning in sight.And you are, you, you are fine.Very well, it's fine, it's fine.Because you have a life to live.Lo.Note let me hurry.

Ezra Collective - Reason in Costume
The collective letters of Ezra "Reason in Costume" (feat. Type of response, there is always a reason to disguise that I would like everything to be a kind of lie

Brett Dennen - Lyrics White Christmas
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.In addition to those I knew.Where trees shine and children listen.Listen to sick bells in the snow.You have been dreaming of a white Christmas.Every Christmas card I write.Happy and enlightened.And that all your Christmas is white.You have been dreaming of a white Christmas.

Slipknot - Letras de Adderall
Ooh, you're leaving, I'm with you now.This side has control over me.Don't try this house now.

Ezra Collective - Words by tj letras
I am there and this lady leaves and is crying because she is crying.Playing, crying, crying.And I say, "I, it's fine" as something.And take his words eventually and.Yes Yes.As I had done.The worst week of all."She is literally as:" I had the most terrible and terrible week of all time.

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