Enchanted 2: Everything we know about Disenchanted so far (2023)

da Disneydisenchanted, the long-awaited sequel to the 2007 fantasy musicalcharmedstarring Amy Adams, is about to be released.charmedwas a huge hit in 2007, adapting the genre to include live action and traditionally animated parodies of archetypal fairytale princesses. Produced by Disney, it often paid homage to classic Disney princess musicals such asCinderella,Sleeping Beauty, youwhite as snowwhile also lampooning its recurring tropes. WithdisenchantedSet to release on Disney+ on Thanksgiving 2022 (Nov. 24), the world needs Giselle (Adams) more than ever.


charmedfollows Giselle, an animated princess based on the common tropes of theclassic disney princess movies. Giselle is cast out of the fictional fairytale kingdom of Andalasia, who is pushed into a well by an evil sorceress. Suddenly, she becomes a live-action version of herself in New York City. Robert (Patrick Dempsey), who finds and cares for her, whom she falls in love with instead of her bubbly Prince Charming, Edward (James Marsden), and her young boyfriend. daughter, Morgan (Rachel Covey). The film ends with Enchantress destroyed, Edward and Nancy (Robert's fashion designer girlfriend, played by Idina Menzel) return to Andalusia, and Giselle stays in New York, marrying Robert and running a fashion business.disenchantedbegins 15 years after these events.

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the end ofcharmedleft a world of possibilities for a sequel with Giselle fully navigating the real world without the limitations of theclassic disney princessarchetype. Over the years, there have been many rumors of acharmedsequel, but nothing has been confirmed untilDisney+ twitteron the official return of Giselle and Amy Adams at Disney Investor Day in December 2020, revealing the official title:disenchanted. Here's everything we know about theenchanted 2 cast and release date, whateverhaunted sequenceplot details and, of course, what fans can expect from the dancing and songs indisenchanted.

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When does Enchanted 2 come out?

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disenchantedwill launch directly on Disney+ on November 24, 2022.Slated for a fall 2022 release since the 2020 announcement, the exact date and month remained unknown until Disney announced in May 2022 thatenchanted 2would debut on Thanksgiving, counting it among several highly anticipateddisney movies 2022. Disney initially confirmedenchanted 2in 2011. As it had been more than a decade sincecharmedwas released, the study reconfirmedenchanted 2 in December 2020, together with thedisenchantedtitle. Over the years, some solid production details have emerged. Adam Shankman signed on as the film's director, replacing former director Kevin Lima. With Shankman's experience working on musicals and fantasy films such ashair sprayybedtime stories,disenchantedYou're in good hands as you tackle Giselle's next chapter.

Haunted 2 Trailer

Himenchanted 2The trailer was finally released on September 9, 2022, just over 2 months before the official exclusive release of the film on Disney+. HimdisenchantedThe trailer opens with Giselle calling all of her animal friends to help her, with the main theme being, though this time around, animals are New York favorites like rats and cockroaches. Then it moves on to a sweet discussion betweenRobert and Giselle from Disenchantedas they decide to start a new chapter in suburban Monroeville. The new family moves into a house that needs repairs, which guarantees a visit from the newly named Princess of Andalusia, Nancy Tremaine, and Prince Edward. Additionally, the footage offers a glimpse of Maya Rudolph's new villain, Malvina Monroe. It also appears that Giselle and Robert have had a baby since the events ofcharmed.

It's clear in the trailer that Giselle isn't happy with her new life in Monroeville and uses a magic wand to wish her life back to being a fairy tale. This obviously backfires as the entire town (including her family) is transformed into non-animated fairy tale characters. The new villain can also be seen in the form of an evil queen. All in all, it looks like Giselle and the rest of the family are on a roll.exciting new fairy talecavort as the main character struggles to adjust to his new life in Monroeville.

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Who returns to the cast of Enchanted 2?

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In terms ofenchanted 2cast, Disney announced the return of Amy Adams as Giselle fordisenchanted in December 2020, when the company reconfirmed the project. Amy Adams has not sung on screen for a long time, and it is a huge talent that the actress has not been able to show for a long time. Additionally, it will be interesting to see how Adams' performing in standalone plays affects his characterization of Giselle. So who else will star in the sequel?charmedMusic composer Alan Menken revealed on his JLBG Livestream on March 23, 2021 that Patrick Dempsey will reprise his role as Robert Philip. James Marsden returns as Prince Edward andIdina Menzel (also known as Elsa fromfrozen)as Nancy Tremaine. Both Dempsey and Menzel will sing ondisenchanted,it's atcharmedThe sequel will contain many more musical numbers. However, Susan Sarandon's villain Queen Narissa will not appear and Maya Rudolph will play new villain Malvina Monroe.

Who is new to the cast of Enchanted 2?

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Novoenchanted 2Cast members include Yvette Nicole Brown (fromCommunity) of Rosaleen e Colton Stewart(Astrid saves the world)like Tyson Monroe. Gabriela Baldachino (Los Conner) replaced Rachel Covey as Robert Philip's daughter Morgan, although Covey is shown in archival footage. Jayma Mays (fromHappiness) was cast as Ruby, and Oscar Nuñez (fromThe officeFame) will play Edgard. Most of these new characters will likely be residents of Andalasia or Monroeville. Comedian Maya Rudolph (who also appeared inby Lucacast of you) was released indisenchantedas the main villain, Malvina Monroe. Kolton Stewart will play her son inenchanted 2.

Enchanted 2 story and songs

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IMDbofdisenchantedPlot synopsis indicates that the story takes place 15 years aftercharmed'sending. After the happily ever after of her marriage to Robert, Giselle begins to wonder if she is really happy. Giselle, Robert and Morgan move to suburban Monroeville. In the process, the princess is forced to deal with all the adult struggles that come with finding a new home in a new place. This dilemma of self-discovery (and her acquisition of a magic wand) leads to the ensuing chaos for Giselle's friends and family, both in the real world and in Andalusia. Ultimately, she will have to come to terms with what "happily ever after" really means to her family and herself.

charmed 2The long-awaited release offers ample opportunity to explore Giselle's new life. consideringcharmedthe success of spinningdisney fairy tales and princessestropes in your head, no wonderdisenchantedwould end the supposed "happily ever after". But despite the title and the grim prospects for Giselle in the sequel, Amy Adams has confirmed that the princess will sing and dance even more than she did in the original film. During an interview inThe Tonight Show com Jimmy Fallon,she commented on how difficult it was for her to realize these sequences more than a decade after filming the first film. Read their full comments below:

"There's a lot more singing and a lot more dancing, which was very humbling. The last time I really danced as much as it takes to dance in this, I was 20 and now I'm not 20.

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Where to watch Enchanted 2

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In the Disney+ Tweet launch announcement, the streaming service revealed thatdisenchantedwill not receive a theatrical release. Beautiful,enchanted 2will be released exclusively on Disney+. Himfrozenmovies became a huge phenomenon in the years between the release ofcharmedand follow up withenchanted 2, therefore, it is a great challenge to surpass Disney's most successful animated films with new musical numbers, even more so considering that the actors have to interpret them live. But with the proven talent of Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and Idina Menzel, there's no doubtdisenchantedwill exceed expectations. Disney+ subscribers will be hard pressed to find a better option for new family viewing this Thanksgiving 2022.

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Why Enchanted 2 took 15 years to happen

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charmedwas released in 2007. While many films released in 2022 were supposed to open much earlier but were delayed,disenchantedhas a history of delays that started long before the pandemic in 2020.Enchanted 2 was delayed 15 years.charmedIt knocked it out of the park at the box office, earning $340.5 million against an $85 million budget. The sequel was confirmed in 2011, so the reason for the long hiatus has nothing to do withcharmedmalfunction or Disney questioning the demand for a follow-up. In fact, the problem was just the opposite.

charmedit was such a resounding success that disagreements arose about how to proceed decently. This is evidenced by the continual change of writers and directors associated with the project during its 15-year production journey.Shrek 2writers J. David Stem and David N. Weiss were on board, working on an earlier script written by Jessie Nelson, with Anne Fletcher (known for her work onThe Proposal starring Ryan Reynolds) directing, but Shankman took over directing in 2016-2017. Still, in May 2019enchanted 2still didn't have the green light. Finally, in 2020, a complete story was agreed upon and Disney announced thatdisenchanted Thanksgiving would arrive (November 24, 2022).

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Is there an enchanted 2 coming out? ›

The sequel to Enchanted starring Amy Adams and Maya Rudolph is coming to Disney Plus later in 2022. 15 years after we last paid a visit to the animated kingdom of Andalasia, Amy Adams is reprising her role as Princess Giselle in a sequel to the hit musical Enchanted.

What is Disenchanted 2 about? ›

Do you have to watch Enchanted to understand Disenchanted? ›

Do You Need to Watch Enchanted (2007) before Disenchanted? Although Disenchanted is a sequel, it isn't completely essential to watch Enchanted beforehand. From everything we know so far about Disenchanted, the premise and storyline seems to be completely new.

What is the storyline for Disenchanted? ›

Plot. Ten years after the events of the first film, Giselle, Robert, and Morgan Philip are living happily together with their baby Sofia. However, life in Manhattan is starting to drag on them, so Giselle plans to move the family to Monroeville, a suburban town.

Who is the villain in Disenchanted? ›

Malvina Monroe is the main antagonist of the 2022 Disney+ original romance film Disenchanted, the sequel of the 2007 classic fantasy musical comedy Enchanted. She is the mother of Tyson Queen Bee of Monroeville, a town named after her, ruling over the population with her social influence.

Why didn t Disenchanted go to theaters? ›

While many original cast members return in the sequel — including Adams and Dempsey — COVID-19 ended up rerouting the film to becoming a streaming service movie rather than a theatrical release.


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