Write the perfect YouTube description (templates and examples) (2023)

YouTube descriptions are not required. Many YouTubers leave them blank.

Apart from that, they have incredible powers.

Use them properly and you will increase your video views, get more followers and make a lot more money (if you monetize your channel).

Today I'm going to briefly outline some basic principles to keep in mind when writing and give you some YouTube description examples/templates to get you started.

Tell viewers about yourself with channel descriptions

Your YouTube channel description should tell viewers everything they need to know about you, your channel, and your videos without giving too much away.

Write the perfect YouTube description (templates and examples) (1)

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It should get them to subscribe and watch some of your videos to get to know you better. It's also a good place to answer any questions they may have about your channel and content.

How to write the perfect YouTube channel description:

(Video) YouTube Description Tutorial and Template

  • Describe the channel.This may be the most obvious, but this is where most people get stuck. The purpose of this description is to let your viewers know what happens when they subscribe and watch your videos. What type of content will they see? How often will you see it? Will they learn anything? Make sure they are aware of subscription benefits such as: B. your great sense of humor or easy to follow tutorials.
  • include linksto your website, your social networks and your online shop (if you have one). You want to make sure viewers know where to find you, so link everything you want people to find. If you have a channel trailer or introductory video, this would also be a good place to link to it.

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  • Add a call to actionwhatever you want your new followers to do. Would you like them to subscribe, turn on notifications, share your content, or maybe sign up for newsletters? Whatever you want them to do, ask them to do it! Make it irresistible and place the CTA at the end of your channel description.Write it as if you are speaking to a friend.You don't want your channel description to be overly formal. It should be easy to read, or even skim, with short sentences and paragraphs, and maybe even bullet points if that applies to your content. If you're having trouble describing your channel, describe it to a friend and use the same language and terminology you use to speak to them.
  • hold on shortDon't overdo it and give them too much information. Let them know what goes beyond the basics of your channel because that will make them want to watch your videos or visit your website. A short channel description that gets straight to the point is best.

Write the perfect YouTube description (templates and examples) (2)

Channel description template

Check out the channel description for nowNikki-Tutorials.

Nikki's description is full of personality and tells subscribers when to expect new videos. Your description sums it up beautifully, but it's still packed with information.

See the channel description forlaschicasperdon.

Your channel description only takes up one paragraph, but readers will immediately know what type of videos will be featured on your channel. From there, they list all the other places you want them to be found by future subscribers.

Write the perfect YouTube description (templates and examples) (3)

The descriptions for both channels are different but have the same effect. There are several ways to write great YouTube channel descriptions without giving away too much information. To start writing the perfect description for your channel, check out our YouTube channel description template below:

Hello! I am [your name]. On my channel you will find [topic]. I love [theme] and share my experience with you. Subscribe to see more [topic], [topic] and [topic] in your feed!

(Video) Youtube Description Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Template Ideas

[upload schedule]







Be found in search with video descriptions

When writing descriptions for your YouTube videos, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it's important to do some keyword research to find out what your ideal audience is looking for. Placing keywords in your video description is important for being found in searches and can also help you choose the best video tags.

Second, you have 5,000 characters to work with. Make the most of them! It can take several attempts at writing video descriptions to figure out what works best for you and your channel, so don't be afraid to mix it up!

Here's what you need to do to write the perfect YouTube video description:

1. Pay close attention to the first three lines.

For starters, the first three lines of your video description is what viewers see before the "watch more" pause. You want to draw their attention to these three lines so they click the link to see more. The first line of your video description also appears below your video in search results. So you want to get straight to the point if you want people to click on it.Not to mention, these are the lines where your keyword research comes into play. Since the first row appears in search results, this is where you should place long-tail keywords and other search terms that people are searching for. Be careful not to fill it with keywords. Still, keep it conversational, but make sure it's worded in a way people will search for.

(Video) How to Write A Product Description That SELLS | Product Description Template

2. Make the topic of the video clear.

As with the last tip, you want to be clear so people know to click your video in search and then click the "See More" link. You also want to be clear so people don't get confused by anything. If after the first three lines you feel the need to elaborate on the topic of the video, do so! A long video description is fine as long as it contains relevant and important information and is easy to read. Consider using short paragraphs, bullet points, or symbols like asterisks to break up your text.

3. Add timestamps if your video is long or covers a wide range of topics.

If you have several different places in the video where you have tips or important information, please link them in the description. While it's nice to have viewers watch the entire video, not everyone who wants to hear what you have to say will have time to watch the entire video, especially if your video is longer than 10 minutes. Some people are looking for things with limited time to learn, so help them with timestamps. Your help could get them subscribing to your channel and watching your channel for more information in the future.

Write the perfect YouTube description (templates and examples) (4)

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4. Link to everything you talk about.

Whatever you mention in your video, whether it's another YouTuber, an article, a tool, or even a product, link to it! You never know when that will help a viewer. This is especially important if you are trying to monetize your YouTube channel through affiliate links.or sell digital productsin your own online shop. In the YouTuber example below, Peter Mckinnon links to his own product that he talks about in the video.

5. Give credit where credit is due.

Did you use someone else's music? Quoting someone else's written words? Talk about someone's ministries or teachings. You may have mentioned them in the video, but it's also important to mention them in the video description. Not only is this the right thing to do, but viewers will trust you more if they know you respect other creators.

6. Don't forget your call to action.

Just about everything you create online should have a CTA to link to all of your work and grow your audience, and the same goes for your YouTube description. Whatever you want viewers to do next, ask them to do it, whether it's subscribing, turning on notifications, or sharing your video. You could even mention a subscription opportunity for them to sign up for on your site.

Video description template

Let's check out Chris Ramsay's video description for his videosolve a riddle.

He immediately takes the first three lines to tell you what you're about to see, then immediately dives in on where to buy one, related videos to watch, and where to learn more about him. It uses great keywords that are searchable and outspoken.

(Video) How To Write An eBay Product Description (Professional Description Template & Example Without Code)

Now let's look at Zara's description of theHair growth tips video.

Write the perfect YouTube description (templates and examples) (5)

She takes up the largest section of the video description to promote her e-book and hair growth calendar. He also makes sure to include lots of keywords and lists other products he sells through hisshop.

Both techniques work well for any YouTuber and both follow the guidelines above. As you can see, there are many ways to apply these writing tips and the possibilities are endless.

To help you get started, here is our template for the perfect YouTube video description. This YouTube copy and paste description can be easily added to your YouTube channel by going to Creator Studio and then Channel and saving it under Loading Presets. So you always have the right YouTube description format at hand!

Today I'm going to [topic]. Watch to learn [topic] and don't forget to turn on your notifications!






(Video) How to write a job description template sample


[give more information about the topic of the video]

Practice creates masters

Writing the perfect YouTube description isn't always easy. But with our tips and templates, you're a few steps closer to your goal! Remember, practice makes perfect, even with YouTube descriptions. Don't be afraid to try different descriptions for different videos until you see that one works better than the others. Once you find the perfect description, trust us, you will know!


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